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Measures to monitor Campaigns with Ease

Measures to monitor Campaigns with Ease - For the sake of the progress of a business strategy it is necessary for the promotion of Sharpshooter. One of the widely used way is to do the campaign in social media. During the campaign, certainly You should be able to oversee the development of the campaign. If the campaign is successful, and whether people could respond well appropriate targets, and much more.
Measures to monitor Campaigns with Ease
There are several tools or services that can help you monitor the campaign, like Hubspot, Radian6, or Hootsuite Campaigns. But unfortunately most of it paid similar services, even arguably quite expensive. You can use other ways to monitor social media campaign for free. The following are some of the ways that can be done.

Never heard of Bitly? Bitly is a service which serves to shorten the link with an analytic function that is easy to use. Only live wrote down a link like to abbreviated pemendek, then click the button link short are ready to use. The advantages of this service is the service his statistics updated in real-time. When the link is clicked, then the reference geographic information and site visitors will be stored. You can see the entire link. If you want to monitor a campaign, simply copy and paste the link that has been shortened last in a bar, and add ' + ' behind it. Bitly offers a very simple way, but this way is fairly reliable for examining how the performance of your links.

Unlike most other tools, this one does not require the process list or need to connect social media account in advance. SocialMention offers a service specifically made for measuring keyword and tagar. When you enter a keyword or tagar is desired, then the report will generate SocialMention complete and update includes entirely, as the entire post in social media that contain that keyword.

In contrast to other tools, SumAll presents the data in a visual form. Although the process of data capture is a bit long, but you can get almost all the data from your social media accounts into this application. Some of the ways that can be done to see the data in SumAll is by using the display of a chart can choose the time period as well as create charts the number of factors that are already there. By using these tools, then you can compare some metrics on your account, the momentum of the campaign, and tagar activity.

Google Analytics UTM Parameters and
Perhaps for this you've often heard about Google Analytics. If you want to get a lot of information on klink has been created, you can view it with the UTM Parameters and Google Analytics. Google this one indeed quite good performance, one of which was to monitor a website. Before using it, of course you must have an account on Google first. Google Analytics Campaigns can add metadata called ' UTM ' Paramaters on each link. This addition can be done easily by using tools like Google's URL Builder who make a link for You after you fill in the metadata that you want to save it. After the link so you can make these links become shorter by wearing (courtesy of Google) or

After the link is used, then you can use your Google Analytics account to be able to see how many of these links are clicked. On the Campaigns tab in your Google Analytics account, you can start to sort based on the metadata that is applied on Your links.

You can use metadata to differentiate and compare the traffic coming from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or forum. You can also utilize the full power of Google Analytics and tracking how people are crawling your site. How will they leave a trail of page views, length of stay on the site, and so on. Google Analytics account at implemented with proper will be able to generate a lot of data.

It last a few tools and a way to monitor the campain on social media for free. If you are doing real-time ways above. With the monitor, then you will know whether the campaign strategy was successfully or otherwise. There are many options to keep monitoring Your social media campaign. Depending on You want to choose free or paid tools utilizing.

That's Measures to monitor Campaigns with ease. Thank you.

The Easy Way To Secure Your Smartphone Android

The Easy Way To Secure Your Smartphone Android - In an age of sophisticated as now, Smartphones have become a device that is inseparable from the daily activities carried out by humans. This smart phone is indeed provide many benefits to its users. Even smartphones can also save various data of the owner. But have you ever thought that the actual store much data in smartphones is fairly prone. The intent was prone when the data is accessed by parties who are not responsible.
The Easy Way To Secure Your Smartphone Android
To prevent unwanted actions like that, should your smartphone secured. Then how do I mengamankannya? You can take advantage of a number of safety features on a smartphone that can be enabled easily. Here is an easy ways to secure your Android phone you can try practise.

Enable screen lock
The first step is easy enough with how to enable screen lock lock screen or mobile phone. You can save the data that is in cell phone by way of this one. Even if you need to use fingerprint scanners with the screenlock. This feature can be found in the menu settings or security. Currently there are some even some smartphone that features a fingerprint on a screen lock, one of which is Redmi Xiaomi Note 3.

Backup important data
Data backup is indeed required to prevent the loss of important files that are in the Android smartphone. You can do it by manual, i.e. copy and paste on your computer or laptop. But it can also do back up the data on cloud such as Dropbox, Google Docs, and much more. Some cloud storage is indeed still a lot free with certain capacity. The amount of capacity being provided also belongs to the larger. When considered less bulky, you can change its services into a premium and pay a fee.

Turn On An Android Device Manager
The function of the Android Device Manager is can be used to track the position of the device is missing, and then delete the data in it in order not to be opened by anyone else. You can enable it by opening Google applications Settings. Make sure the location services device You turned on by visiting the Application Settings > Location.

Turn on the mobile phone encryption
Encryption "lock" the data stored on your mobile phone when a device is lost. This feature can be enabled on devices that run Android Jelly Bean 4.1 or later by opening the Application Settings > Security > Encript Phone. Encryption can also be applied before doing Factory Wipe (for example when want to sell devices) to make sure the data on your mobile phone absolutely inaccessible again.

Add user information on the screen
Personal information such as your e-mail address or phone number that you can be contacted on the lockscreen. It is important to do just in case if the phone is lost, then there are people who want to intend either to restore. Than they are already confused and do factory setting, you better just in case with writing down important information.

Some of the ways you can apply the above to secure Your Android smartphone from people who are not responsible. Easy enough right? You must remain vigilant when using the Android smartphone. You'll never know what things will happen in tomorrow. Never underestimate any data. Tightened security is very important to prevent things that are unwanted.

That's The Easy Way To Secure Your Smartphone Android. Good luck!

5 Article Writing Techniques of Air-SEO Friendly

5 Article Writing Techniques of Air-SEO Friendly - Having a blog that is capable of generating high traffic is indeed a necessary endeavor. Not only should be able to invite many people visit, but You also need to be clever-clever in making a content. Ever heard the term content is the king? It appears that this is indeed true. The content is indeed strongly influenced the existence of a blog.

5 Article Writing Techniques of Air-SEO Friendly
On a blog, the content could be said either in a SEO friendly. Where such content would be easily detected by Google. But the SEO friendly content alone is not enough. The contents of the content is original and must also be rich in knowledge. Currently Google is indeed being repeatedly perform the penalty on many blogs is poor science against the article. Moreover, the article only contains the keyword mendompleng to SEO. Here are some ways to make the article a unique SEO friendly.

By researching keywords
The first thing to do before writing an article is by researching keywords. You have to understand what are the key words in Google are much sought after. Do not let your article not able to attract readers because it turned out that no one is looking for it. For researching keywords, you can use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. These tools will help you to find out how many times a keyword has been typed on Google. Then how its search level, if the level is low, medium, or high. In addition, you also need to look at how the article template so that SEO can be friendly. Before reading the article, usually the Google algorithm will look at how the structure of the template first. What's in the article's heading tag Setup.

Improve the writing of titles
A lot of bloggers who haven't been about writing good titles to be SEO friendly. You have to put the keywords in the beginning of the sentence. This would enhance the ability of competing. Your article will take precedence over the articles that put the keyword at the end of the title, so that these keywords are not listed in the URL. In addition, you should also avoid writing title that is similar to the previous articles.

Look at the number of characters
It could be said that the article length is always the sweep it first to the page rank on Google. The Google algorithm is indeed always wins article by the number of syllables which most. Top 10 in Google search is always dominated by articles of 500 words more.

Give attention to the first paragraph
You should be able to insert keywords on 100 first word written, not least those keywords are on the first and second sentences. You can give the bold on that keyword, but this is not mandatory. But remember, don't overdo it in bold on keywords because Google could be suspicious.

Implement LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)
The last way is by using the technique of LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing. This one technique can draw attention to Google so that gives a good ranking. LSI can be defined as a group of words that have the same or relevance to the keyword that is shot. Language, LSI is a synonym of the keyword is written in the article. Before writing the article, you can try typing a keyword in the Google search engine. Then look at the very bottom of the page, then there is some alternative similar keywords that can be used. Try some of these keywords used in your article.

Some of the above ways you can apply when creating articles with SEO friendly. Articles that are more natural tasty read. But if you want the article get a good ranking in Google, then terapakanlah the techniques above.

That's about 5 Article Writing Techniques of Air-SEO Friendly  . Good luck,

Tips on creating a strong and Secure Password

Tips on creating a strong and Secure Password - We often hear that many hackers who compromise the password e-mail account as well as a lot of social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Even some last time heard the news that the social media accounts belonging to officers of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, compromised by hackers.
Tips on creating a strong and Secure Password
The question is, why can social media accounts taken by other people with already? The reason is because the e-mail accounts as well as accounts of social media is not protected with a password or a password that is strong, so easily hijacked by parties who are not responsible.

As a person who was active in social media or e-mail, you must have a strong password. We never know right if there are others who intend to bad to us? It is possible that there are people on a whim, but it could also be people who do indeed intend evil to you. Lost your account could be a catastrophe for you. Moreover, if the hijackers are using our account for things that can undermine Your self-image. In anticipation of this, we recommend that you start from now you should be able to create a strong password. Many say that the more varied and increasingly long a password, it will be the stronger the password to protect your account. Here are some tips on creating a strong and secure password.

Don't wear a password that has been commonly
We recommend that you never use a password that is very easy to guess by others. Indeed this would make it easy for you to remember. But of course the vulnerable taken over others. If your password is cumbersome, You can save it on a special password storage applications, one of them SaveWallet. Some examples of passwords that are easily guessed password is 123456789, among other things, your name, your birth date, and much more. If you are still using a password like this, we recommend that you immediately change the passwords more difficult.

Using numbers and symbols are unique
To create a unique and strong passwords, you can combine the unique numbers and symbols. Combine the two so that the more difficult it is to guess. Indeed this symbols merge looks pretty simple, but similar password is stronger if compared with the password that has been commonly and widely used as some of the examples above. Usually this will be a kind of password is difficult to guess by others because of the complicated variations. Example: P4caRko3_gant3ng (my boyfriend's handsome). Indeed if seen as passing ' alay ', however the password as this is the most secure and difficult to be solved by the thieves. But although the password is konbinasi of numbers and symbols that are unique, you should still make the password has the meaning so that it is easy to remember.

Using different passwords on each account
The last thing to note is to make a password that is different for each e-mail account as well as social media. Why is this important? It is aimed as mass hacking prevention efforts on your social media accounts. For example, your Facebook account password has been known by the thief, then there is a possibility he will compromise your other social media that have the same password. Danger right?

Some of the above ways you can do to make your password or a unique and powerful passwod. Never not care a password. You make it easy for yourself, but you do not realize that this also makes it easy to other people for breaking into your account.

That's about Tips on creating a strong and Secure Password. Thank you.

How to sell online with limited budget

How to sell online with limited budget - I think everyone wants to do it, especially my fellow entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are already reasonably cost and maximum benefit. However, in the digital era such as this, it's good for entrepreneurs utilizing all sorts of existing technologies in their business operations.
How to sell online with limited budget
I assume employers have a limited budget, so it's a couple of tips that I can recommend to sell online.

Does my business need a website?
Vendors who sell their services to create a website is increasingly popping up. Starting from making company profile services, and E-Commerce is integrated with the Payment Gateway, have sprung up. Vary the price offered, ranging from hundreds of thousands of Dollars to millions of Dollars. However, I often ask this to colleagues who want to create a website to me:

such important website, well?

Before you throw your money that has been earned with great effort to create a website, here are the things you need to consider if you want to create a website:

Domain (per 1 year)
Hosting (per 1 year)
Setup service + installation + configuration Website (when required)
Maintenance (by period)
Search Engine Optimization (by period)

I didn't say that that website is not important. In my opinion, the most important is how when consumers search for a desired product, stores we appear in the search so that consumers shop at us.

Here is the solution I recommend
Leverage existing marketplace as your business partner

Kaskus FJB is one marketplace, including Tokopedia, OLX, Bukalapak, and many more other Marketplace.

Why is the marketplace?

By relying on the Marketplace, you can register your product and selling it for free, and let the Marketplace owners to exercise the administration of the website such as:

Extending The Domain + Hosting
Troubleshoot if at any time the troubled website
Search Search Engine optimizing (SEO)

So the merchandise you can appear on the first page of the search engines without the need for you to have the knowledge and skills to create and manage websites. You just have to concentrate on how to sell your merchandise quickly and focus on the Supply Chain of your products.

Utilizing social media as your medium of communication with customers.

In my opinion, customer feedback is also important in bringing up a business. Consumer complaints usually come from loyal customers loyal to transact business with you. They could just as easily leave your store and move on to other stores, of course you do not want this to happen, isn't it?

By utilizing social media as a communication medium, hopefully you can figure out the user experience while shopping at your store. You will get a lot of valuable input the media is related to your business. Starting from response time, packaging, delivery order, and others will force you to constantly evolving your service quality.

This communication with the media, you can make your social media accounts as customer testimonials. Thus, each new consumers who want to shop can see the quality of your business, trust and good relations established between the consumers with the seller, will make new consumers to decide to transact with your store. Customer satisfaction is the key. Satisfied customers who will share their experiences shopping in your store to colleagues, relatives, and their networks.

Costs incurred for the above effort barely 0 Rupiah alias free. For any device, maybe you just need a laptop plus Smartphone and internet connection as your operational ammunition. But will it takes an awful lot of time and effort to tackle and manage everything, from day to day.

That's about How to sell online with limited budget. Good luck,

Tips To Optimize The Search Results On The Top Post Hashtag Instagram

Tips To Optimize The Search Results On The Top Post Hashtag Instagram - Somehow I see Instagram so phenomenal, especially in terms of business. Starting from instagram ads, or content placement on a major account, to buy and sell livestock follower/like, making more and more users are using Instagram. Bottom line, if you want business, must have Instagram. So the word some people present.
Tips To Optimize The Search Results On The Top Post Hashtag Instagram
But the interesting part of this is a part time Instagram Top Post from search Instagram. If you ever do a search a hashtag on Instagram, on the results of the search will be divided into two lines, namely the Top Post and Recent Post.

Recent Post: containing the most recent and latest photo related hashtag that is being sought.
Top Post: containing the photos ' lively ' is being discussed and became a trending topic.
If twitter has trending topics based on words or hashtag, Instagram also have the concept of trending topics. Every hashtag can become a Top Post.

Why top post so important in business?

It is definitely because of the position. Not just any photo can fit into the Top row of the Post. Instagram uses its own algorithms to determine whether a photo worthy of being Top Post. If your photos made it into the Top Post, then I say good that your images will be perched on top for every search by hashtag you use. And will continue to roost there until there is a new photo with a better performance replace the performance of your photos. The problem is, how do I make a photo/ad we get into the Top row of the Post?

Here are tips to optimize the search results on the Top Post hashtag instagram.

1. Wins the engagement rate
What is engagement rate? engagement rate is a rate that is calculated by counting with Instagram engagement (likes and comment) from a photograph. Suppose you have 100 follower. Then you upload a photo, and within 10 seconds, the follower 75 do engagement. 10 people give likes and comment, 30 people give other people 35, likes giving a comment. 75% follower you are interested in conducting engagement in a relatively short time. This means your photos have a very good performance and allow your photo goes into the Top row of the Post.

2. Play niche
In addition to winning the engagement rate, play to a Niche content and products is one consideration that cannot be overlooked. Niche is a keyword/keywords that describe a product or content. On Instagram, the picture is your content. When you want to enter your photo into the Top row of the Post, then it's good you learn niche which often perched in the Top Post.

Suppose you just upload a photo of your merchandise bags, you can use the hashtag #bag, #funnybag, #chipbag, #uniquebag, #brandedbag, and bevariasi other hashtag. The more you use the hashtag, help other users find your photos.

two ways above is an important optimization to be done if you decide to incorporate your photos into line Top Post Instagram.

That's about Tips To Optimize The Search Results On The Top Post Hashtag Instagram. Good luck,

4 Best Applications For Video Editing

4 Best Applications For Video Editing - Increasingly rampant money on YouTube, are now vying for creators to make make a good and interesting video. Make a compelling video is one way of increasing revenues at YouTube, the videos are interesting and will invite increased the number of viewers that will determine the amount of income. A growing number of viewers, then the chance of enlarging income.
4 Best Applications For Video Editing
At this time the article we will share information about some applications that can be used to edit video on the PC.

The entire software and applications in this article suitable for you who want to do video editing but has no expertise in using software to edit video professional. In addition to easy video editing applications, it includes a free (Freeware Lisense).

Freemake Video Converter
Freemake this easier is called video converter, the reason we integrate it in the article is this software is really simple but it has enough features to be useful. For you who like to chop freemake video, then be simple.

Freemake features to cut video, connect or combine video, besides freemake was also able to add subtitle quickly. Freemake also has the ability to type conversion in various types of files such as AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, FLV, 3GP, MPEG, DVD, Blu-ray, MP3, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Android, Xbox, BlackBerry, Nokia, Samsung. Supports 500 + formats.

As a simple editor, Freemake Video is frequently employed to cut a video or mengkovert video size becomes smaller.

Has anybody ever wear it? We think this one video Editor to be one of complete and free. Lightworks is a free video editor that has a number of features that are not less complete than other professional video editor such as Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas. Unlike Freemake video converter, video editor is equipped with the feature effect, time remapping and setting timelines.

Lightworks supports resolutions up to 4 k as well as videos in SD and HD format. According to the information we provide thematically organised from his official site, Lightworks has been used to edit some of the best films in the history of cinema, such as The Wolf of Wall Street, LA Confidential, Pulp Fiction, summer, Road to Perdition, Hugo, The King's Speech and more!

Free video editor this Lightworks can run on PC operating systems Windows, Linux or Mac OS.

Specifically for the YouTuber uncuk has the features of Lightworks, convert videos in YouTube form Support. Tasty right?

Youtube Editor
In addition to being a place of easy video upload and produce. Google, YouTube also know very well how to enhance the creativity of its users. The Video features embedded Editor for free on YouTube can be exploited to manipulate the videos instantly and cheaply.

As with any other professional video editor, YouTube Editor comes with the features of the timeline to edit videos, add effects and embed the music directly from the database of YouTube, of course with the option of a free license.

Next is Filmora, is a video editor that is designed for beginners. With video editor you can easily perform the cut video, add effects with drag drop etc.

Filmora provides support for all forms of video formats, even menunjangan video 4 k. Filmora also provides a well-stocked store effect with thousands of effects to be used easily embellish the result video. For more details please refer to the video below.