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The History and Function of the Computer until it has the Sophistication

The history and function of the computer until it has the sophistication - Computer network (the network) is a telecommunications network that allows between computers to communicate with each other by exchanging data. The aim of the network is to be able to achieve its purpose, any part of a computer network can ask for and provide the service (service). Requesting/receiving services called client (client) and give/send service called a server (server). this design is called the client-server system, and is used in almost all applications of computer networks.
Two computers each have a network card, and then be connected via cable or wireless data transmission as a medium, and there is a network operating system software will set up a computer network simple. If want to make computer networks more broadly its scope, then the necessary additional equipment such as Hubs, Bridges, switches, routers, Gateways as interconnection equipment.

Computers have become an important part of our life is currently good for students as well as a worker, so need to know about the history and function of computers since the early years to the present. To what you use at this time would have a lot of development is happening on the computer device.

The history and function of the computer in its development

From since it was first created, the computer is indeed experiencing the different phases of development up to the sophistication of the technology also brings the quality becomes much better this time. Here are some of the developments in the history and function of the computer from the beginning until now:

  • The first generation has a fairly complex components with 18,000 vacuum tubes, 70 thousand resistors and solder point 5 million, in addition to the size of a computer is also pretty big so it's not practical for use with 160 kW of power to turn it on.
  • The second generation already have additional components such as memory, floppy disks, printers and operating systems and programs that are more developed.
  • The third generation is smaller with more energy-efficient course.
  • Fourth generation continue development until there are desktops, laptops, notebooks and more
  • Fifth-generation focus on the development of intelligence of the computer itself.

Recognize the history and function of the computer

  • Of developments that continue to be made, then the function of the computer also continues to develop IE as follows:
  • As the device input, processing and output the results or data retrieval that are fast enough to help your work. Each of the functions already have respective parts thereof in a processor to finally processed.

  • As a place to conduct information varies depending on the storage of how such information will be used later. The data stored are also distinguished between the data user data with instructions so it will be easier if it is to be used.

  • Understand the history and function of the computer makes you feel lucky to have maximum function as it exists today and help in ceasing your work more easy and of course with a maximum range of support in the computer.

That's The History and Function of the Computer until it has the Sophistication. Thank you.

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