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5 Article Writing Techniques of Air-SEO Friendly

5 Article Writing Techniques of Air-SEO Friendly - Having a blog that is capable of generating high traffic is indeed a necessary endeavor. Not only should be able to invite many people visit, but You also need to be clever-clever in making a content. Ever heard the term content is the king? It appears that this is indeed true. The content is indeed strongly influenced the existence of a blog.

5 Article Writing Techniques of Air-SEO Friendly
On a blog, the content could be said either in a SEO friendly. Where such content would be easily detected by Google. But the SEO friendly content alone is not enough. The contents of the content is original and must also be rich in knowledge. Currently Google is indeed being repeatedly perform the penalty on many blogs is poor science against the article. Moreover, the article only contains the keyword mendompleng to SEO. Here are some ways to make the article a unique SEO friendly.

By researching keywords
The first thing to do before writing an article is by researching keywords. You have to understand what are the key words in Google are much sought after. Do not let your article not able to attract readers because it turned out that no one is looking for it. For researching keywords, you can use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. These tools will help you to find out how many times a keyword has been typed on Google. Then how its search level, if the level is low, medium, or high. In addition, you also need to look at how the article template so that SEO can be friendly. Before reading the article, usually the Google algorithm will look at how the structure of the template first. What's in the article's heading tag Setup.

Improve the writing of titles
A lot of bloggers who haven't been about writing good titles to be SEO friendly. You have to put the keywords in the beginning of the sentence. This would enhance the ability of competing. Your article will take precedence over the articles that put the keyword at the end of the title, so that these keywords are not listed in the URL. In addition, you should also avoid writing title that is similar to the previous articles.

Look at the number of characters
It could be said that the article length is always the sweep it first to the page rank on Google. The Google algorithm is indeed always wins article by the number of syllables which most. Top 10 in Google search is always dominated by articles of 500 words more.

Give attention to the first paragraph
You should be able to insert keywords on 100 first word written, not least those keywords are on the first and second sentences. You can give the bold on that keyword, but this is not mandatory. But remember, don't overdo it in bold on keywords because Google could be suspicious.

Implement LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)
The last way is by using the technique of LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing. This one technique can draw attention to Google so that gives a good ranking. LSI can be defined as a group of words that have the same or relevance to the keyword that is shot. Language, LSI is a synonym of the keyword is written in the article. Before writing the article, you can try typing a keyword in the Google search engine. Then look at the very bottom of the page, then there is some alternative similar keywords that can be used. Try some of these keywords used in your article.

Some of the above ways you can apply when creating articles with SEO friendly. Articles that are more natural tasty read. But if you want the article get a good ranking in Google, then terapakanlah the techniques above.

That's about 5 Article Writing Techniques of Air-SEO Friendly  . Good luck,

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