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How to sell online with limited budget

How to sell online with limited budget - I think everyone wants to do it, especially my fellow entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are already reasonably cost and maximum benefit. However, in the digital era such as this, it's good for entrepreneurs utilizing all sorts of existing technologies in their business operations.

How to sell online with limited budget
I assume employers have a limited budget, so it's a couple of tips that I can recommend to sell online.

Does my business need a website?
Vendors who sell their services to create a website is increasingly popping up. Starting from making company profile services, and E-Commerce is integrated with the Payment Gateway, have sprung up. Vary the price offered, ranging from hundreds of thousands of Dollars to millions of Dollars. However, I often ask this to colleagues who want to create a website to me:

such important website, well?

Before you throw your money that has been earned with great effort to create a website, here are the things you need to consider if you want to create a website:

Domain (per 1 year)
Hosting (per 1 year)
Setup service + installation + configuration Website (when required)
Maintenance (by period)
Search Engine Optimization (by period)

I didn't say that that website is not important. In my opinion, the most important is how when consumers search for a desired product, stores we appear in the search so that consumers shop at us.

Here is the solution I recommend
Leverage existing marketplace as your business partner

Kaskus FJB is one marketplace, including Tokopedia, OLX, Bukalapak, and many more other Marketplace.

Why is the marketplace?

By relying on the Marketplace, you can register your product and selling it for free, and let the Marketplace owners to exercise the administration of the website such as:

Extending The Domain + Hosting
Troubleshoot if at any time the troubled website
Search Search Engine optimizing (SEO)

So the merchandise you can appear on the first page of the search engines without the need for you to have the knowledge and skills to create and manage websites. You just have to concentrate on how to sell your merchandise quickly and focus on the Supply Chain of your products.

Utilizing social media as your medium of communication with customers.

In my opinion, customer feedback is also important in bringing up a business. Consumer complaints usually come from loyal customers loyal to transact business with you. They could just as easily leave your store and move on to other stores, of course you do not want this to happen, isn't it?

By utilizing social media as a communication medium, hopefully you can figure out the user experience while shopping at your store. You will get a lot of valuable input the media is related to your business. Starting from response time, packaging, delivery order, and others will force you to constantly evolving your service quality.

This communication with the media, you can make your social media accounts as customer testimonials. Thus, each new consumers who want to shop can see the quality of your business, trust and good relations established between the consumers with the seller, will make new consumers to decide to transact with your store. Customer satisfaction is the key. Satisfied customers who will share their experiences shopping in your store to colleagues, relatives, and their networks.

Costs incurred for the above effort barely 0 Rupiah alias free. For any device, maybe you just need a laptop plus Smartphone and internet connection as your operational ammunition. But will it takes an awful lot of time and effort to tackle and manage everything, from day to day.

That's about How to sell online with limited budget. Good luck,

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