Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Benefits Of Computer Networks

The benefits of computer networks – computer network (the network) is a telecommunications network that allows between computers to communicate with each other by exchanging data. The aim of the network is to be able to achieve its purpose, any part of a computer network can ask for and provide the service (service). requesting/receiving services called client (client) and give/send service called a server (server). this design is called the client-server system, and is used in almost all applications of computer networks.
Two computers each have a network card, and then be connected via cable or wireless data transmission as a medium, and there is a network operating system software will set up a computer network simple. If want to make computer networks more broadly its scope, then the necessary additional equipment such as Hubs, Bridges, switches, routers, Gateways as interconnection equipment.

A computer network is a network system with a transmission medium so some computer connected on the media can be interconnected with each other and can share data. The computer network has many benefits such as:

Sharing of information
Through computer networks, computer users can share ideas and information although they are far apart. So, computer networks allow computer users to combine the skills and expertise they each so they are more efficient and productive in your work.

Computer users in a single network of computers can store or retrieve information in any form (text, image, sound, or video) that are on any computer in the network.

Cost and time saving
Computer networks help companies or organizations in saving expenses for buying hardware as well as time-saving computer system maintenance. For example the company doesn't need to buy a printer for each computer. The company simply bought a printer that can be accessed easily by computers in the network.

Maintenance of the computer system only needs to be done from one location only and already includes the maintenance system of all computers that are connected. So no need to waste time to check the computer system one by one.

Facilitate internal company Affairs
With a network of computers, the company's internal affairs can be resolved more efficiently. For example setting meeting. The company can use the software that can be accessed by every employee at various locations to input their respective schedules. So when companies want to hold a meeting, the software will search for the exact schedule of which could be attended by all employees. Meetingnya not need to physically employees attended.

Computer networks can facilitate teleconferences so companies don't have to pay the cost of transportation for employees residing in distant places. Some employees could jointly work on a project in real time even though they are in different locations. The company's internal affairs can be resolved in a way that is more practical and efficient in terms of cost and time thanks to computer networks. As a result the company's productivity would be increased. That's the 3 benefits of computer networks for companies.

That's The Benefits Of Computer Networks. Hope can useful for you. thank you.

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