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The difference in internet and intranet

The difference in internet and intranet – There are still many people who think that the internet and the intranet is the same. There also are still confused where lies the difference. The most fundamental difference of the two is who can access it.

The difference in internet and intranet
Internet (short for interconnection-networking) is an entire network of computers connected to the global system using standard Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) Packet Exchange Protocol (packet switching communication protocol) to serve billions of users worldwide. The largest internet series called the Internet. How to connect the circuit with this rule is called internetworking

An intranet is a private network (private network) that uses Internet protocols (TCP/IP), to split the company's confidential information or operation in the company to its employees. Sometimes, the term intranet refers only to services that are visible, namely the company's internal web site. To build an intranet, then a network must have some components that build the Internet, i.e. Internet Protocol (TCP/IP Protocol, IP address, and other protocols), the client and the server as well. The HTTP protocol and some other Internet protocols (FTP, SMTP, or POP3) is generally a component of frequently used protocols.

Most commonly, an intranet can be understood as a "private version of the Internet network", or as a version of the Internet that are owned by an organization.

The Internet can be accessed by anyone whereas the intranet can only be accessed by some users who already qualify for verification. The following are the main differences between the internet and an intranet.

1. The Internet connects computer networks all over the world, while only intranet linking some of the computers that are in a specific computer network e.g. computers that are in a computer network the company.

2. Intranet is part of the internet, but not vice versa.

3. Anyone can access the internet, while an intranet can only be accessed by members of the organization or company employees only. Usually to get into an intranet, users need to log in first.

4. internet security is very fragile because of aksesibilitasnya. Vital information and data are transferred or transmitted via the internet could have been leaked to another party who is not responsible. Intranet network security is stronger because of the limited aksesibilitasnya.

If outside parties can get information data in the intranet server, it means there are people in the source that the company disclose it so it's easier to identify the source of his weakness.

5. The number of users who can access the internet is unlimited, whereas the number of intranet user is restricted in one company or one organization only.

6. the existing content on the internet consists of different types and from different sources. Content available to anyone who wants to access it. While the existing content on the intranet is already content-specific and useful only for the interest of the organization or company. Intranet content is only available to the staff of the Organization and is not intended for the public.

7. The Internet is not owned by a particular organization or group. While the intranet is belonging to an organization or a particular company. That's why internet network known as public networks and intranet network referred to as the private network.

8. The Internet can use a variety of network technologies such as wireless technology, optical, or electronic. While most intranet use only LAN or WAN technology.

That's the difference the internet and intranet. Thanks and hopefully useful.

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