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The Easy Way To Secure Your Smartphone Android

The Easy Way To Secure Your Smartphone Android - In an age of sophisticated as now, Smartphones have become a device that is inseparable from the daily activities carried out by humans. This smart phone is indeed provide many benefits to its users. Even smartphones can also save various data of the owner. But have you ever thought that the actual store much data in smartphones is fairly prone. The intent was prone when the data is accessed by parties who are not responsible.

The Easy Way To Secure Your Smartphone Android
To prevent unwanted actions like that, should your smartphone secured. Then how do I mengamankannya? You can take advantage of a number of safety features on a smartphone that can be enabled easily. Here is an easy ways to secure your Android phone you can try practise.

Enable screen lock
The first step is easy enough with how to enable screen lock lock screen or mobile phone. You can save the data that is in cell phone by way of this one. Even if you need to use fingerprint scanners with the screenlock. This feature can be found in the menu settings or security. Currently there are some even some smartphone that features a fingerprint on a screen lock, one of which is Redmi Xiaomi Note 3.

Backup important data
Data backup is indeed required to prevent the loss of important files that are in the Android smartphone. You can do it by manual, i.e. copy and paste on your computer or laptop. But it can also do back up the data on cloud such as Dropbox, Google Docs, and much more. Some cloud storage is indeed still a lot free with certain capacity. The amount of capacity being provided also belongs to the larger. When considered less bulky, you can change its services into a premium and pay a fee.

Turn On An Android Device Manager
The function of the Android Device Manager is can be used to track the position of the device is missing, and then delete the data in it in order not to be opened by anyone else. You can enable it by opening Google applications Settings. Make sure the location services device You turned on by visiting the Application Settings > Location.

Turn on the mobile phone encryption
Encryption "lock" the data stored on your mobile phone when a device is lost. This feature can be enabled on devices that run Android Jelly Bean 4.1 or later by opening the Application Settings > Security > Encript Phone. Encryption can also be applied before doing Factory Wipe (for example when want to sell devices) to make sure the data on your mobile phone absolutely inaccessible again.

Add user information on the screen
Personal information such as your e-mail address or phone number that you can be contacted on the lockscreen. It is important to do just in case if the phone is lost, then there are people who want to intend either to restore. Than they are already confused and do factory setting, you better just in case with writing down important information.

Some of the ways you can apply the above to secure Your Android smartphone from people who are not responsible. Easy enough right? You must remain vigilant when using the Android smartphone. You'll never know what things will happen in tomorrow. Never underestimate any data. Tightened security is very important to prevent things that are unwanted.

That's The Easy Way To Secure Your Smartphone Android. Good luck!

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