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Tips on creating a strong and Secure Password

Tips on creating a strong and Secure Password - We often hear that many hackers who compromise the password e-mail account as well as a lot of social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Even some last time heard the news that the social media accounts belonging to officers of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, compromised by hackers.

Tips on creating a strong and Secure Password
The question is, why can social media accounts taken by other people with already? The reason is because the e-mail accounts as well as accounts of social media is not protected with a password or a password that is strong, so easily hijacked by parties who are not responsible.

As a person who was active in social media or e-mail, you must have a strong password. We never know right if there are others who intend to bad to us? It is possible that there are people on a whim, but it could also be people who do indeed intend evil to you. Lost your account could be a catastrophe for you. Moreover, if the hijackers are using our account for things that can undermine Your self-image. In anticipation of this, we recommend that you start from now you should be able to create a strong password. Many say that the more varied and increasingly long a password, it will be the stronger the password to protect your account. Here are some tips on creating a strong and secure password.

Don't wear a password that has been commonly
We recommend that you never use a password that is very easy to guess by others. Indeed this would make it easy for you to remember. But of course the vulnerable taken over others. If your password is cumbersome, You can save it on a special password storage applications, one of them SaveWallet. Some examples of passwords that are easily guessed password is 123456789, among other things, your name, your birth date, and much more. If you are still using a password like this, we recommend that you immediately change the passwords more difficult.

Using numbers and symbols are unique
To create a unique and strong passwords, you can combine the unique numbers and symbols. Combine the two so that the more difficult it is to guess. Indeed this symbols merge looks pretty simple, but similar password is stronger if compared with the password that has been commonly and widely used as some of the examples above. Usually this will be a kind of password is difficult to guess by others because of the complicated variations. Example: P4caRko3_gant3ng (my boyfriend's handsome). Indeed if seen as passing ' alay ', however the password as this is the most secure and difficult to be solved by the thieves. But although the password is konbinasi of numbers and symbols that are unique, you should still make the password has the meaning so that it is easy to remember.

Using different passwords on each account
The last thing to note is to make a password that is different for each e-mail account as well as social media. Why is this important? It is aimed as mass hacking prevention efforts on your social media accounts. For example, your Facebook account password has been known by the thief, then there is a possibility he will compromise your other social media that have the same password. Danger right?

Some of the above ways you can do to make your password or a unique and powerful passwod. Never not care a password. You make it easy for yourself, but you do not realize that this also makes it easy to other people for breaking into your account.

That's about Tips on creating a strong and Secure Password. Thank you.

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