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Tips To Optimize The Search Results On The Top Post Hashtag Instagram

Tips To Optimize The Search Results On The Top Post Hashtag Instagram - Somehow I see Instagram so phenomenal, especially in terms of business. Starting from instagram ads, or content placement on a major account, to buy and sell livestock follower/like, making more and more users are using Instagram. Bottom line, if you want business, must have Instagram. So the word some people present.

Tips To Optimize The Search Results On The Top Post Hashtag Instagram
But the interesting part of this is a part time Instagram Top Post from search Instagram. If you ever do a search a hashtag on Instagram, on the results of the search will be divided into two lines, namely the Top Post and Recent Post.

Recent Post: containing the most recent and latest photo related hashtag that is being sought.
Top Post: containing the photos ' lively ' is being discussed and became a trending topic.
If twitter has trending topics based on words or hashtag, Instagram also have the concept of trending topics. Every hashtag can become a Top Post.

Why top post so important in business?

It is definitely because of the position. Not just any photo can fit into the Top row of the Post. Instagram uses its own algorithms to determine whether a photo worthy of being Top Post. If your photos made it into the Top Post, then I say good that your images will be perched on top for every search by hashtag you use. And will continue to roost there until there is a new photo with a better performance replace the performance of your photos. The problem is, how do I make a photo/ad we get into the Top row of the Post?

Here are tips to optimize the search results on the Top Post hashtag instagram.

1. Wins the engagement rate
What is engagement rate? engagement rate is a rate that is calculated by counting with Instagram engagement (likes and comment) from a photograph. Suppose you have 100 follower. Then you upload a photo, and within 10 seconds, the follower 75 do engagement. 10 people give likes and comment, 30 people give other people 35, likes giving a comment. 75% follower you are interested in conducting engagement in a relatively short time. This means your photos have a very good performance and allow your photo goes into the Top row of the Post.

2. Play niche
In addition to winning the engagement rate, play to a Niche content and products is one consideration that cannot be overlooked. Niche is a keyword/keywords that describe a product or content. On Instagram, the picture is your content. When you want to enter your photo into the Top row of the Post, then it's good you learn niche which often perched in the Top Post.

Suppose you just upload a photo of your merchandise bags, you can use the hashtag #bag, #funnybag, #chipbag, #uniquebag, #brandedbag, and bevariasi other hashtag. The more you use the hashtag, help other users find your photos.

two ways above is an important optimization to be done if you decide to incorporate your photos into line Top Post Instagram.

That's about Tips To Optimize The Search Results On The Top Post Hashtag Instagram. Good luck,

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